Champagne on us – EVERY DAY!

Divas brings to the Brick Lane Music Hall stage some of the great legends of rock, pop, stage and screen, male and female, past and present, from both sides of the Atlantic. The show celebrates some of the stars who have carved out their own place in history, becoming legends in their own lifetime.

If the USA has Barbra and Elvis, we have Shirley and Elton! If you can answer four devilishly diverish questions, you could qualify for a very special offer during our forthcoming show!883877_10200886687200338_759103112_oimages9AS80TKC untitledimagesA285RSSB






1. Barbra Streisand is one of the few entertainers to have won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony. Her Tony was for which role? (her only West End appearance, in 1966)
2. Elvis Presley is sometimes referred to by what two-word accolade?
3. Shirley Bassey recorded the only Beatles song to have sold more copies than the original version. What was the song?
4. Which Elton John hit is the biggest selling single of all time?

Simply write the four answers on a postcard with your name (and group name if you booked with a group) and hand to the Box Office on arrival.  We will hold a special prize draw EVERY DAY and the winner will receive a bottle of Champagne!

So if you haven’t yet booked, please hurry! Divas is at Brick Lane Music Hall from May 16th - 23rd 2014. Phone Box Office or see website listings for details.

A Sparkling Show

The St George’s Day Show is fast becoming one of our most popular shows, this year spreading over 3 weeks. The show takes us on a dazzling journey from an English Country Garden to Jerusalem via Sherwood Forest, culminating in a spectacular pyrotechnic finale.

Appearing in this year’s show:

SONY DSC Ross Tomlinson

SONY DSC Saskia Brynne

SONY DSC Bill Byrne

SONY DSC Joni Talks

SONY DSC Paul James

SONY DSC and Vincent Hayes!


The St George’s Day Show continues until May 9th.

Extraordinary Characters

Philip Clevberger Roy and Vincent
This photograph features in an exhibition in St Martin’s Lane of “contemporary portraits of extraordinary characters”.

Taken by Philip Clevberger from the British Music Hall Society, Vincent Hayes has Roy Hudd perched on his knee during their “vent act” at Brick Lane Music Hall in 2012. The exhibition runs from April 29th – May 10th in Westminster Library. Further details:

Out and About with Nigel

SONY DSCEveryone who came to this year’s pantomime, Big Dick Whittington, will remember Nigel Ellacott, who played Betty Swallocks. Many of us enjoyed following Nigel’s pantomime adventures in Betty’s Blog, published on his website So much so, that when the pantomime was over,  we asked Nigel to write us a special blog in honour of the Brick Lane Music Hall outreach shows.

Nigel kindly agreed to go to Coopers Court in Mile End and write a special blog for our “Out and About” page!

Many thanks to Nigel for his insights, to Brian Walker and Michael Topping for their great work, to all at Coopers Court, and to the Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours Scheme who made it possible.

Click on the “Out and About” section on the home page to find out more.


Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’


“Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’” was the battle cry from Henry V at Agincourt, according to Shakespeare, and warriors reported that they saw their Patron Saint on the battlefield, fighting on the English side.

Shakespeare was actually born on St George’s Day, 23rd April, 1564 and, being the great patriarch he was, died on the same day in 1616. In those days, St George’s Day was a national feast day and a holiday in England, on a par with Christmas. The tradition died out at the end of the eighteenth century after the union of England and Scotland.

boris and david

In recent years St. George’s Day is enjoying something of a comeback, with calls to revive the day as a national holiday. Whether photo opportunities with Boris and Dave eating fish ‘n’ chips in Spitalfields Market (Daily Mail, St. George’s Day 2013), or the St. George’s Day Show at Brick Lane Music Hall, have had anything to do with this, we couldn’t say. But St. George’s Day is celebrated all over the world and at Brick Lane Music Hall we see every reason to enjoy the tradition!


The St George’s Day Show opens on St George’s Day, April 23rd. You can read more about St. George’s Day and St. George’s Day trivia in our 2014 Souvenir Programme. There is also an English County Quiz, with an opportunity to win tickets for two to next year’s panto’ – remember to pick up your copy!

Put On Your Blue Suede Shoes!

We are happy to announce that the winner of two tickets for our new show, Be Bop A Lula, is a lady from Kent. Having answered all the questions correctly in our 2014 pantomime programme quiz, she was chosen in our prize draw and will be bringing an old school friend to the show in October. The pair will enjoy a three course lunch, followed by a fun-packed show.

Rock and roll may have been invented in America, but Britain had the Teddy Boys, who added the clothes, the shoes, the hair, the motorbikes, the slick moves and a whole culture of cool that was the birthplace of Cool Britannia. Be Bop A Lula will bring back a host of memories for those who were around in the fifties, and for everyone the music and the style will be guaranteed to raise a smile. Below, Vincent Hayes shows how it’s done, with some classic Teddy Boy styling (Vincent’s Christmas Cottage 2011).


Be Bop A Lula, opens September 27th – be there or be square!

Seeing Things in a New Light

Brick Lane Music Hall has been barely recognisable for the past week, as we take advantage of the Easter break to perform some essential maintenance tasks and to upgrade our lighting system, with new power cabling and the installation of new state of the art LED lighting from the Italian showlighting company, Studio Due.








Brick Lane Music Hall re-opens on St George’s day – April 23rd – with our St George’s Day show.

Brick Lane Music Hall Double Bill

There was double cause for celebration this weekend, as staff from Brick Lane Music Hall de-camped to St Ann’s Church, a stone’s throw away from the Music Hall, in Canning Town, to attend a christening service for Millie and Teddy Plumb. Millie, 3 months, and Teddy, 2 years old, are the daughter and son of Vicky Canon and Danny Plumb – our very own Brick Lane Music Hall couple, who met while working at the Music Hall.  Vicky is the daughter of Beverley, who is a member of the front of house staff at Brick Lane Music Hall and Danny is the son of Suzanne, who has worked for Brick Lane Music Hall virtually since its opening in 1992. The God-parents include Ellie Cooper and Oliver Savidge. Pictured below, family and guests, including Vincent Hayes with the proud couple.


Thank You Very Much


Our Outreach work is subsidised by the kind donations of customers, enabling us to take shows to those who are unable to come to us at very reasonable cost. Some individuals and organisations have been kind enough to donate the cost of a show, acting as sponsors for a particular home or hospice.

In our “Out and About” section we report on a visit to a care home in Gillingham for residents with dementia, a very lively bunch who had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, organised and sponsored by the Gillingham Lions Club.

We have recently also received several particularly generous donations from individual customers and wish to take this opportunity to thank them very much indeed and to let them know how much it is appreciated. Our aim is to visit as many homes as possible through the year.

The show goes on!


The St Patrick’s Irish Party continues this week. Pictured above, right to left: Bill Byrne, Anna Campkin, Vincent Hayes MBE, Joni Talks, Paul James, Saskia Brynne, Ross Tomlinson.


This is the first time Ross Tomlinson has appeared at Brick Lane Music Hall, and we are delighted to welcome him. Brick Lane regulars will be interested to hear that he has an impeccable pedigree. As well as having an actor father and sister, Ross’s mother is music hall entertainer, Judith Hibbert, who was one of the performers to regularly appear in the early days in Brick Lane and has graced our stage many times over the years.

gmtv (Copy)

Pictured above, Judith appearing with Vincent and Danny La Rue. And going back even further, below – Judith on stage at the original Brick Lane Music Hall in Brick Lane, with Vincent, Colin Devereaux (far left) and two familiar faces – Peter John and Brian Walker!

Untitled-46 (Copy)

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