Making a difference


Graham Smith has been bringing groups to Brick Lane Music Hall for many years. It all started when he was running his sweetshop in Maldon High Street. He gave customers the opportunity to join him on his regular trips to the theatre and the outings were so popular that they continued, even after Graham sold the shop a few years ago.

A few of the people that regularly join him would not be able to get out otherwise, but Graham ensures that they are so well taken care of that they come several times a year. Word of Graham’s hard work has reached Maldon Town Hall, where he has been singled out for a special award for services to the community. Presenting the award, the Mayor said, “Without his dedication, lots of local people would not have the quality of life that they do. He is a real champion of community spirit and a worthy winner of this year’s Services to the Community Award.”

Pictured above on his latest visit to Brick Lane Music Hall in characteristically cheery mood, we would also like to thank Graham, and all the group leaders who we know work so hard to get people together to bring them along to our shows. We know what a difference it makes and we are always happy to support people with mobility or access difficulties, special dietary requirements, etc.

Brick Lane Music Hall – 2015 TripAdvisor Winners


Congratulations to all concerned – Brick Lane Music Hall are winners of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015, for “consistently great reviews”. This is 100% down to the hard work of all the staff and artists who go to make Brick Lane Music Hall such a unique and special venue.

Thank you also to all our customers who enjoy their visit and take the time to let others know about us. These are some of the comments from the first few days of our Fifties Show:

“An absolutely fantastic first time visit”

“What a brilliant show as usual, with a lovely three course meal, organised so well – and served hot –  by helpful, lovely people”

“I was mesmerised”

“Laugh, eat, drink and be happy”

“The songs were fantastic and the comedy very good”

“Brilliant show, excellent three course lunch. Fantastic atmosphere”

“Lovely show”

“Laughter is the best medicine”

If you do enjoy your visit to Brick Lane Music Hall, please remember to come back soon! We are booking now right through to 2017, with a great variety of shows, so there is always something for everyone to try.

We couldn’t do it without you!

The King is coming to Silvertown!

As far as anyone can be sure, the closest Elvis Presley ever got to Silvertown was Prestwich. His plane briefly touched down there to refuel in 1960, on his way home from armed service in Germany. He seemed as surprised as anyone when scores of crazed locals came flocking to the airport swooning and falling at his feet, all eager to catch a glimpse of their beloved Elvis – the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

But in 2015, the year that Elvis would have been 80 years old, we can announce that the King is coming to Silvertown!

Feel free to scream and swoon – when Vincent Hayes appears as Elvis, in The Fifties Show, Brick Lane Music Hall, May 30th – June 13th 2015.


By Royal Approval…..


The Royal Society of St. George is a non-political Society for people who share a love of England and Englishness. Their patron is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

We were delighted to host a visit from members of the Royal Society who not only enjoyed the St George’s Day Show, but pledged to make Brick Lane Music Hall one of their regular event venues.

The Royal Society of St. George is currently campaigning to make St George’s Day a national holiday. Visit if you would like to sign the petition!

For England and St George!


There were three generations of the Goffe family at Brick Lane Music Hall this week when Ben’s family came to see the St George’s Day show. Ben’s father is Brick Lane Music Hall regular, Rusty Goffe, who brought along his mother, Ben’s Gran. Pictured above, Ben taking centre stage. On his left (left to right) Vincent Hayes, Laura Hayward, Andrew Robley, and on his right, Bill Byrne, Catherine Dennison and Paul James.


Above, Rusty, far right, with (left to right), his sister-in-law, brother, mother, and wife Sarah, Ben’s Mum. The show presented a lively romp through English myth and legend, and included a rare mix of emotion and eccentricity, from Camelot to Anfield, Jerusalem to Sherwood Forest…


Pictured above, Vincent Hayes rides through the glen….


Andrew Robley reprises some favourite football anthems….


Laura Hayward, Ben Goffe and Catherine Dennison reprise some traditional English folk songs…


Paul James with some lively humour….


Bill Byrne, pictured here with Laura Hayward, with some moving moments from Camelot….


And the whole cast join in a rousing chorus of Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!

A very East End knees-up


While audiences enjoyed the first of the St George’s Day Shows at Brick Lane Music Hall, the Outreach team were out and about, performing at Hawthorne Green Residential and Nursing Home in Stepney.

Brian Walker led the show which was also attended by pupils from the local St Paul’s Way Trust School who had volunteered to help serve tea. They were having their first taste of Music Hall and needless to say were quickly given a crash course by Brian, including a masterclass in “Ballin’ the Jack” and the finer points of a good old sing-along, such as when to “oi” in Lambeth Walk. They were a great credit to their school and gamely joined in with everything before taking tea round to the residents. Pictured above, Brian with some of the pupils and Musical Director, Michael Topping on keyboards.











As the party got into full swing, Lowri-Ann Richards, pictured with Brian below, sang songs from the four countries of the British Isles and tea was served to a rousing chorus of “Land of Hope and Glory”.


More pictures on our Out and About page

How will you be celebrating St George’s Day?


For almost four hundred years St George’s Day was celebrated as a national feast day on a par with Christmas. The tradition died out at the end of the eighteenth century after union with Scotland, but there has been a national call to re-invent St George’s Day and to make it a national holiday once more.

Amidst the unashamed flag-waving, our St George’s Day show at Brick Lane Music Hall is a reflection of a unique cultural heritage – one of bravery and pride, but also one which never takes itself too seriously for too long.

Above, St George’s Day Show 2014 – left to right, Ross Tomlinson, Joni Talks, Vincent Hayes, Bill Byrne, Saskia Brynne, Paul James. Below, the cast perform Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.


Did you know?
St George became the Patron Saint of England in 1348 when Edward III put the foremost order of knighthood in England, the Order of the Garter, under the banner of St. George

English Army regiments still celebrate St George’s Day with great ceremony, calling on the legend of St George, who is thought to have supported English troops on the battlefield

The bonnet of the Queen’s Rolls Royce bears the emblem of St George slaying the dragon

Shakespeare was born on St George’s Day, 23rd April 1564, and he died on the same day in 1616

St George’s Day is the first official day of camping for Boy Scouts clubs around Britain


Paul James and Vincent Hayes, St George’s Day Show 2014.

We’ll be flying the flag of St George in our St George’s Day Show, April 23rd – May 9th. Grab a flag, wear a red rose, or come as you are, but make sure you are part of our national celebration!

Happy Easter from all at Brick Lane Music Hall

Our last show before the Easter break was a Music Hall matinee. We had great pleasure in welcoming Pauline Shoop who chose to come to Brick Lane Music Hall with friends and family to celebrate her 102nd birthday! Pictured below, Pauline with her two daughters.


Other special guests at the show included a whole group of family and friends who had come together from all over the country to celebrate the life of the late Eva Norman. This had actually been one of Eva’s last wishes and was a moving occasion attended by her son and daughter, brother, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, partners, friends and neighbours.

DSC04337 - Copy002

The show starred (below, left to right) Vincent Hayes, Laura Hayward, Andrew Robley, Lottie Johnson, Paul James.


After the Easter bank holiday, the Box Office will be open on weekdays from 10.30 – 5. Our next show be the St George’s Day show – hope to see you there!

What a party!


There was no shortage of shenanigans at Brick Lane Music Hall as we celebrated St Patrick’s Day 2015. Regulars included the Lewisham Irish Pensioners Club and the Joy Club, who were joined by a group of Retired Magistrates from Bromley, a party from Wiltshire and members of the cast of the rock’n’roll pantomime version of Beauty and the Beast.











Pictured above, left, members of the cast of  Beauty and the Beast, who recently appeared with Ben Goffe at the New Wolsey Theatre; centre, Joyce Williamson, group organiser of “the Joy Club” receiving flowers; and right, members of the St Patrick’s Day audience enjoy the show.


On stage, Vincent Hayes leads the party.


Pictured above, Ben Goffe.


Party girls, left to right, Helen Colby, Catherine Dennison and Laura Hayward.


All the cast were in fine voice, including Andrew Robley,

Bill Byrne,


And Paul James, who later took to the stage as Val Doonican.


St Patrick’s Irish Party, March 13th – 26th 2015.



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