Prepare to be amazed!

The SS Brick Lane Music Hall
June 5, 2019
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June 14, 2019
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Prepare to be amazed!

In the heyday of Music Hall, exotic circus acts brought their skills to the stage, and jugglers were in high demand, performing between musical acts. A unique form of juggling became all the rage, befitting the best theatres in the land, it was known as “gentleman juggling”. Always in formal evening dress, gentleman jugglers performed ever more astonishing feats – using every day household objects.

The first gentleman juggler is generally recognised to be Carradini, shortened to Kara, who performed at the Folies Bergere. Immaculately attired in top hat and top coat, carrying an umbrella and smoking a cigar, he would enter the stage and begin juggling the top hat, umbrella and cigar. Within minutes he would be juggling all the props on the stage, including tea cups, plates, bottles and finally the table and chairs.

We are delighted to announce that appearing in our Summertime Show this year will be modern day gentleman juggler, the amazing Mr Ian Marchant. Ian takes his inspiration from the great gentleman jugglers of music hall and vaudeville. Full of high skill and unique feats and turns, he uses everyday objects such as hats, walking sticks, newspaper, crockery, pots and spoons to perform a variety of feats that will amuse and amaze in equal measure!






The amazing Mr Ian Marchant!

The Brick Lane Music Hall Summertime Show – London’s only end-of-the-pier show!
June 27th – July 6th 2019