Brick Lane Music Hall is housed in a magnificent Victorian Grade II listed building, formerly St Mark’s Church, designed by the acclaimed architect, Samuel Teulon.

As part of the London Development Agency’s recent Heritage Scoping Study of the Royal Docks area, the building has been re-assessed and the decision has been made to upgrade its status to a more distinguished II* listing. This is in recognition of its significance as one of Teulon’s major works, its power as a piece of architecture -“embodying the High Victorian Gothic at its most restlessly original” – and its exemplary restoration after fire damage in 1981. English Heritage acknowledged the care and consideration taken by Brick Lane Music Hall to preserve the integrity of the building and noted the compatibility of its use as a music hall with the architect’s original vision.

“The conversion by Brick Lane Music Hall has been sensitively done. The inserted partitions, stage equipment, etc, are reversible, and respect the basic structure and feel strangely appropriate in the context of Teulon’s theatrical High Victorian interior.”

The decision was also made to award the War Memorial Grade II listing status. Not originally part of the church, the Memorial was moved to the site in 1991. Brick Lane Music Hall was responsible for the restoration of the Memorial which is now at the centre of the local community’s Remembrance Sunday Service each year. English Heritage considered that the Memorial now “fully merits inclusion on the list at Grade II as a poignant reminder of The Fallen from both world wars”.


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