Take a Bow!

A true story…. well, almost
January 13, 2020
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February 12, 2020
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Take a Bow!

The Brick Lane Music Hall 2020 Pantomime for Grown-ups…. Big Dick Whittington

January 22nd – March 14th 2020

“A five star panto – dowsed in fabulousness– Alex Belfield, Celebrity Radio

Directed by Vincent Hayes, Production design by Zara Kattan
Writer and co-director, David Phipps-Davis

Vincent Hayes as Silly Billy

Andrew Robley as Fanny Fitzbottom

David Phipps-Davis as King Rat

Lucy Reed as Fairy Bow Bells

Amethyst Gostlow-Crossley as Big Dick Whittington

Ben Hutt as Eileen the Cat

Betty Jones as Alice Fitzbottom

Left to right, Jordan Langford, Ensemble and Rat, Chris Draper, Ensemble and Captain Codswallop,

Sam Sadler,  Ensemble, Gorilla and Rat, and Julie Cloke, Ensemble and Sheik Yabooti.

“A gem of a pantomime.” 

Musical Director – Tom Carradine

Lighting design – Kevin Roach, Set design – Chris Floyd

Choreography- Jordan Langford,  Assistant choreographer – Julie Cloke

Costumes – Frank Kershaw, Syldon Costumes and Annie Galbraith,  Wigs and jewellery – Steven Metcalfe

Pantomime for Grown Ups - Big Dick Whittington

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Brick Lane Music Hall. The food, the atmosphere, it’s intoxicating.– Alex Belfield, Celebrity Radio

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