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September 25, 2018
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Older People’s Day

Older People’s Day was celebrated all over the world this week. Introduced by the United Nations General Assembly, in 1990 the ‘International Day of Older Persons’ was officially declared as October 1st. It was seen as an opportunity to acknowledge the long-term contribution and dedication of older people and to raise awareness of their importance and potential to society.

In the UK, Older People’s Day has been the focus of a wide programme of activities celebrating ‘later life’. Charities, councils and organisations supporting the elderly have been working together to coordinate a national programme of activities and events around the day to celebrate and show appreciation for older people within the community. This has also been an chance to raise awareness of rights and opportunities for older people to contribute to the workplace and to society in general with information and discussion, for example, #OlderPeoplesDay.

Brick Lane Music Hall was delighted to be invited to take part in celebrations for Older People’s Day at the Sundial Centre in Bethnal Green, East London. Regular Brick Lane Music Hall artists Hettie Hobbs, Chris Draper and Ben Hutt joined Musical Director, Matt Pallant, to perform for an enthusiastic audience crowded into the main hall and adjoining reception area and café’, all coming together with songs that never age, such as ‘When you’re smiling’ and ‘We’ll meet again.’

If you would like an outreach show to visit a care centre, care home or hospice you know, they are organised and subsidised by the Brick Lane Music Hall Charity and offered for a modest charge to those genuinely unable to travel to our theatre on a once in any 12 months basis. Contact: admin@bricklanemusichall.co.uk

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