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Out and About Reminiscence Music Hall
Brick Lane Music Hall takes reminiscence music hall shows to care homes and hospices. The travelling show includes one or more professional performers and a musical director, together with associated equipment and set. They perform in venues all over the London and the South East. The value of laughter and familiar music and song is now a recognised form of therapy for those with long-term illness or memory loss. It can provide a welcome boost for those who are able mentally but find themselves confined, as well as for staff and carers. There is a modest charge for these shows to cover artists fees, although all our charitable work is subsidised by the Brick Lane Music Hall Charity.


Out and About Schools Programme
Brick Lane Music Hall takes an active role in promoting music hall and musical theatre to children in the Borough and throughout the East End. Brick Lane Music Hall has hosted various educational events and workshops at its premises in Silvertown. In addition, we are proud of our work in schools, where we regularly undertake workshop programmes over the course of several weeks, culminating in a live show. As well as encouraging talent and building confidence among the pupils, these workshops provide a kind of social glue which brings students and their parents together in a meaningful way, helping build ties and bonds within the school and within the community as a whole.

Aztec House


Musical Director, Iain Vince-Gatt, pictured having tea with residents, joined William Byrne for an enjoyable afternoon’s show at Aztec House, Barkingside, a retirement care scheme managed by the Jewish Blind and Disabled Society.

Summer fun!

The Griffin Community Trust, Poplar

The Griffin Community Trust is a unique charity which promotes integration between medical and dental students from Barts and Queen Mary’s, living in student accommodation at Griffin House, and the elderly residents who live next door, at Shaftesbury Lodge. One of the conditions of living in the student accommodation is that they befriend the elderly residents. The students pay regular visits to the residents of Shaftesbury Lodge and organise outings and events for them.

In recent years, students have brought groups to Brick Lane Music Hall on several occasions, the panto’ being especially popular, and each year they organise a Summer Garden Party attended by the residents, their families, the students and Trustees.

This year Steve Galler and Linda Watts gamely performed at the party on a lovely sunny day, with Musical Director, David Carter.

Pilgrim’s Hospice

Ashford, Kent

Bill Byrne and Musical Director, Iain Vince-Gatt, spent another happy afternoon with an old friend of Brick Lane Music Hall this week, when they went to perform at Pilgrim’s Hospice in Ashford, Kent, where Sylvia Jordan is now a resident. Sylvia was a regular visitor to Brick Lane Music Hall, where she came for many years as a one time committee member of the South Ashford Active Retirement group. Bill and Iain were joined by Hayley-jo Whitney and a good time was had by all!

Kingston Vale

Sherwood Grange Care Home

Pictured, William Byrne and Musical Director, Iain Vince-Gatt with Vera Francis at Sherwood Grange Care Home in Kingston.

Over the years, Vera has been a regular visitor to Brick Lane Music Hall, organising coach parties to come to us, so it was a great pleasure to be able to take a show to her, now that she is a resident at Sherwood Grange. Bill said that it was a beautiful afternoon enjoyed by all.

Christmas Outreach

Bluebell Court

The last of our shows before Christmas was held this week at Bluebell Court in Grays. Brian Walker and Michael Topping performed for a happy group of residents, many of whom were frail, but all were in Christmas mood, including staff who joined in the singing with great seasonal spirit!

Christmas Party Season

Bexley Macular Society

With the Christmas party season now in full swing, this week saw Brian Walker and Michael Topping making a visit to Bexley Macular Society, where they were joined by Master magician, John Styles.


This was our second visit to the Society and the team were greeted like old friends. The entertainment was greatly appreciated by a lively crowd, with plenty of audience participation!

A Magical Afternoon in Barnet

Ewan Hall Show

Master magician, John Styles joined Brian Walker and Michael Topping for an outreach show in Barnet, organised by Penny Baxter, who managed to bring together 140 frail residents from several local homes to Ewan Hall for an afternoon of enertainment. Penny wrote:

“Thank you Brick Lane. The effects are not only on the individuals who come but also how they communicate with their relatives and carers for quite a while afterwards.”

Late Summer Garden Party!

Shrewsbury House, East Ham

Brian Walker and Michael Topping enjoyed the late summer weather performing at a garden party held for patients at Shrewsbury House, East Ham, a recovery unit for people of all ages who have had a spell in hospital and are being cared for by the wonderful staff.


Fish and Chip Lunch

The Rufus Centre, Flitwick

Brian Walker and Michael Topping were joined by John Styles at The Rufus Centre, Flitwick, where as well as fish and chips and ice cream, the audience were treated to entertainment from the talented trio, including John and his famous Chelsea Pensioner routine.

Royal Celebration

Fulham Good Neighbours

Brian Walker and Michael Topping helped the celebrations for the Queen’s Birthday go with a swing in Fulham, in a luncheon show organised by Fulham Good Neighbours. Everyone joined in a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to You in honour of Her Majesty and there was a moving moment when the pair sang The National Anthem and everyone in the room insisted on standing, despite varying levels of frailty.

Fulham 1Fulham 4Fulham 2

Donnybrook House

Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours

tower h piece

Brian Walker and Michael Topping were greeted with gusto at Donnybrook House in Old Ford for a show organised by Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours. The lively and enthusiastic bunch of mixed ages were keen to join in with the show and even added a few numbers of their own.



The sunshine in your smile

March and District Probus

March 1
The Outreach team made a visit to Cambridgeshire this week, as guests of the March and District Probus Club who hosted a lunch for local pensioners. Brian Walker and Musical Director, Michael Topping were joined by regular Brick Lane Music Hall artist, Bill Byrne and magical maestro John Styles for the afternoon.
March 5

“Thank you very much to all of the cast for a great afternoon’s entertainment. We hope that you will be able to visit us again in the not to distant future. Our thanks to Brick Lane for their work to enable the outreach work to continue.” Robin Pridmore, March and District Probus.


A Good Time Was Had By All

Rochester Court

Brian Walker and Michael Topping were in fine form at Rochester Court in Bethnal Green, where they had plenty of help from the audience, including the lovely Hazel, who gamely volunteered to demonstrate the dance routine and took great delight in learning some of the old songs. The travelling duo received loud applause from the lively audience and whistles of appreciation during and after the show. The afternoon finished with tea and sandwiches with bread pudding!

A warm East End welcome

Sundial Day Care Centre

A good time was had by all when the Outreach team visited the Peabody Sundial Day Care Centre in Bethnal Green. Having visited the centre several times now, the team were met like old friends by the audience and staff alike. Joined by Brick Lane Music Hall regular, Peter John, Brian Walker and Musical Director, Michael Topping had nothing but praise for the warmth of the hospitality provided by the Centre and the enthusiasm of the East End audience.

A Little Help From Our Friends

The Outreach team return to Clifton Gardens

Brian Walker and Michael Topping made their third visit to Clifton Gardens in Chiswick this week. “Yet another very satisfying day”, reported Brian, “We were greeted warmly by our old friend, the lovely Michelle and about 30 residents. They all seemed very pleased to see us, these residents were quite jolly in spite of being rather debilitated”

Finding an audience largely confined to their wheelchairs, Brian wasn’t sure how he would find “volunteers” to join in with the show. However staff members gamely stepped up to the plate. In the end, Michelle, the Activities Co-ordinator, told us that “All the residents had a fabulous time”. Seen below, left, staff help create a party atmosphere. Centre, Brian with Alan demonstrating Ballin’ the Jack, and right, Michelle even gave everyone a song.

An Honour Indeed

The Outreach team in Ipswich

Brian Walker and Michael Topping went to Ipswich this week, joined by Lowri-Ann Richards. The show was enjoyed by residents, many of whom were confined to wheelchairs. Brian’s eye was caught by one particularly stylish gentleman. On admiring his attire, Brian found that the man was none other than Flight Officer Basil Fish of 617 Squadron.

Otherwise known as the Dambusters, 617 Squadron is probably the most famous squadron in history because of their audacious raids flying Avro Lancaster bombers during World War II.

Whilst studying for a degree in Civil Engineering, Basil Fish joined the Squadron as a navigator in 1944. Later that year, he took part in a raid on Pollitz. On its return run the plane crashed in dense fog and he was the only person in the crew who was able to continue flying on operations. He completed 24 special sorties, including raids on Kembs and Urft dams and the battleships Lutzau and Tirpitz.

Pictured above, Basil Fish during his active service years. Below, Lowri-Ann Richards performs a Judy Garland medley. Musical Director, Michael Topping in fine form, as ever. Pictured with Michael, Brian’s wife, Pammie.

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