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Out and About Reminiscence Music Hall
Brick Lane Music Hall takes reminiscence music hall shows to care homes and hospices. The travelling show includes one or more professional performers and a musical director, together with associated equipment and set. They perform in venues all over the London and the South East. The value of laughter and familiar music and song is now a recognised form of therapy for those with long-term illness or memory loss. It can provide a welcome boost for those who are able mentally but find themselves confined, as well as for staff and carers. There is a modest charge for these shows to cover artists fees, although all our charitable work is subsidised by the Brick Lane Music Hall Charity.


Out and About Schools Programme
Brick Lane Music Hall takes an active role in promoting music hall and musical theatre to children in the Borough and throughout the East End. Brick Lane Music Hall has hosted various educational events and workshops at its premises in Silvertown. In addition, we are proud of our work in schools, where we regularly undertake workshop programmes over the course of several weeks, culminating in a live show. As well as encouraging talent and building confidence among the pupils, these workshops provide a kind of social glue which brings students and their parents together in a meaningful way, helping build ties and bonds within the school and within the community as a whole.

Newham Renewal Programme

Harvest Festival Event

Brick Lane Music Hall were asked to provide traditional East End entertainment for a diverse audience at a community event for the Renewal Programme in Manor Park, Newham, to celebrate the Harvest Festival. The Renewal Programme invited the whole community to come together to be entertained in true East End style, with Tom Carradine leading a cockney sing-along! Tom is pictured at the event above, leading the festivities and below, flanked by two proper East End “Pearlies”!

Ferry Festival

North Woolwich

Bill Byrne and Iain Vince-Gatt performed on an open air stage at The Ferry Festival Grand Finale in Royal Victoria Gardens, North Woolwich. A much-loved event of the 1970’s and ’80’s for the people of North Woolwich and Silvertown, The Ferry Festival has been revived, with a series of celebrations culminating on Saturday night with music, food and a fun run.

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